Craigslist Personals.

I ran across an ad on Craigslist Personals this evening that really got my heart fluttering.  Oh, totally a violation were I to follow through in any way whatsoever.  The gist goes something like this: Friend for wife – MW4M: fun-loving couple in their 40s, wife looks much younger, seeking guy for friendship and more . . . husband likes to watch while wife enjoys another man, then (husband completely straight)(<–seriously!!), then likes to join in.  We like a few drinks, then an evening of free-wheeling sex, we like to go for a motorcycle ride, etc.  The ad includes a photo of wife sitting naked in bathtub playing with her breasts, they offer to split the cost of a room, weekends only, of course.

What was I searching in Craigslist personals? Anyone with an interest in motorcycles, but responsible riding buddies in particular.  I find a ride on the VFR much more enjoyable with a buddy, or two.  Ba-boom, when I find this ad.

I have not had any sexual contact with my wife for about two years now.  Her choice.  So I have to have a fantasy life of my own.  And the thought of plowing it to a comely peer (complete stranger) in front of her perv soulmate, who will undoubtedly be pleasuring himself at the very delight of it.  I imagined myself forming some kind of friendship-type bond with these people I don’t know anything about, while getting to bang away at the kinky chick and do weird stuff to her because she wants so badly to be violated that her husband can’t control her — he has to indulge it.

A few preliminaries, if you will:  How many times have they done this that they know they enjoy it enough to put up an ad on craigslist?  Doesn’t this sound like a great way to wake up in Chinatown with a horrible headache, less a kidney and a few lobes of your liver?  Getting beyond the creepy, which I shouldn’t even do: How would they deal with the phreakiness of me, with my shaved pits and torso, my panties  I may be a little bi-curious about this, but the mere thought of some available strange femme flesh to ravage got me a little excited, in a wicked way.  But I don’t think I’d want to end up getting it in the end from anyone.  That really holds no charms for me at all.  So is the guy really straight as an arrow?  I’d say he is in denial about his kinkiness — that is not very straight behavior.  I’d never want to watch my SO screwed by another man in front of me.  So a little weirdness from the get-go as you think about it.  I think in the olden days, they called folks like this “swingers”, baby.

Attired: black hipster panties, white 42A bra under tight heather T, tight pink Champion running shorts, Clark’s.  Weed coming into some stickines, so a little glassy-eyed tonight.

Kisses – KM



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