The reduction in the daily light duration from 24-18-12 hours now has forced my flora into flower.  Okay, I’m not a scientist, although I took a minor concentration of studies in biology.  The reduction in light reduces the photosynthesis  rate (emulating the oncoming autumn in the plant’s natural environment) and thereby changes the chemical balance of the plant.  Most particularly, and most relevant it affects the balance of gibberellins (plant hormones), effectively causing the plant shift its energy production towards flowering, away from vegetative growth.  Ultimately it will begin to reveal its sex through the structures of the emerging flowers (the best part of any plant, I’m sure you will agree!).  Male “flowers” are obvious by what they show when they emerge, as are female flowers, the buds we really crave.

So, Hosanna(!), the seeds from a certain self-pollinating hermaphrodite in fact produced female offspring.  One may have removed a brother, pulled all of his ‘balls’ off – which will be smoked (show no mercy) — and moved him into the anteroom where he will slowly, stickily die and his remains will be further smoked.  One may vacuum the area surrounding the plants to remove any remaining pollen from past projects so that they will not fertilize current stock. And that folks is where “sensemilla” comes from.

Kisses – KM


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