It took some modest planning, but i am fully dressed en femme 2nyt @ the bar in Durham. Media hopefully to follow, but the purpose in being in Durham tonight was a motorcycle show, so i am attired in tight, supple black leather pants, high heeled black leather boots, my favorite paramore 40d bra and ez 8 forms, topped with my black stretch (form fitting!) rock the vote spangled tee, silver necklace and earrings. i am fully madeup, red lipstick and shoulder-length ash brown wig for a free-flowing wavy natural look. How well am i passing? I kid you not, I was rather ham-handedly propositioned by an older dude at the bike gathering. I told him I really was just here for the bikes! I must be looking a bit like a prostitute . . . but barlesgirl liked my hair, and I feel spectacular.

kisses! km


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