Grilled cheese, then the nicely cured

My recipe du jour, a little gift:

2 mid-loaf sandwich slices of sourdough bread

butter softened by room temperature

cheddar cheese (2×1.0 oz slice, or cracker barrel extra sharp sliced to preferred thickness

feta cheese — 2 oz. sliced (not crumbled)

1 fresh late-season (often red in color) Jalapeno pepper, sliced on the diagonal, latitudinally, and seeded

black pepper

thin onion slices (optional)

Slice cheese as necessary, cut peppers with a sharp knife (best to wear a gauntlet unless you are handy with a blade) into 1/4″ diagonal slices.  With a butter knife, lightly butter outsides of sourdough slices (one side only on each slice).

Gradually heat well-seasoned iron skillet to just above “medium” on the stove setting, until water droplets sizzle when sprinkled on cooking surface of skillet.

Lay slice of sourdough buttered side down on the heated skillet, and carefully lay cheese, one layer, then the other (does not matter which order the Feta or the Cheddar are placed, don’t think too hard) across the (unbuttered) bread.  Add onion slices on top of cheese, if that is your thing.  My SO so digs them on the grilled cheese sandwich.

Carefully lay Jalapeno pepper slices across cheese bed, taking care not to burn oneself on the heated skillet.  Mill black pepper over Jalapenos to taste (I like to be able to taste a little pepper), then place remaining buttered bread slice (butter side up) on top of sandwich.  Compress the sandwich firmly with a spatula, before placing a cover over the iron skillet, in order to hold in the heat of the pan, and to direct it toward the food.  Cook for two minutes covered, leave sandwich in pan.

Monitor the cooking carefully, you may need to adjust the heat down slightly, try not to scorch the bread or over-brown it too soon.  Flip the sandwich after it has cooked about 2-1/2 to 3 minutes, you may wish to hold the sandwich firmly between two spatulas to keep from spilling precious fresh ingredients.  No one ever said cooking was for the faint of heart.  You may cook the sandwich ultimately for 7-9 minutes . . .

Soldier on, with each turn of the sandwich — every two or three minutes — compress it firmly with a spatula.  Before long, as the cheese begins to melt, it will squeeze out from the interstices of the sourdough, and begin to cook in the hot surface of the skillet as it gooshes forth, thusly.

Only you can determine how you best like your grilled cheese, but I like some grilled cheese in my grilled cheese, so I let it brown up a little before I quit.

It is heaven with Jalapenos, and they were not too hot for me last night.  Unlike the botany experiment, which is gone swimmingly.  It’s really a crying shame one can grow a nice stash with such minimal effort, and it is so verboten and unacceptable as to be banned.  It cured up nicely, and I mean that most sincerely.

We were literally stomped in soccer tonight.  Poor us.  They were all these huge people with a good 20 years on most of us.  They abused us, some of our players went home.  But we gave them a good run for it, terrific effort, everyone.

Kisses – KM


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