so much to catch up on

I enjoyed boot season a little last night, modeling here at home my “look” with painted on girl jeans (“mudd” stretch 14s – cute!) tucked into knee high brown pleather boots with 4″ heels.  A simple shelf bra, and a ribbed a-shirt, a pair of simple silver necklaces that look good together, and I felt sexy, anyway.  I shaved my legs last week, time to shave them again – they look spectacular all toned and muscled up from soccer.  I’ll try to share pics, they’re worth bragging on.

Enjoying some Kentucky grass of late, a timely resupply as it were.  I haven’t been in much of a writing mood for while, much of it all swirling around in my head rather than being expressed.  Lost a colleague at work to a latent issue of poor judgment, that one is still smarting.

Hopefully more girliness tonight, stay sweet


kisses, KM


2 responses to “so much to catch up on

  1. Sorry about your lost a colleague at work

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