Out on the road again

I spent a number of hours on the road these past several days, seeing family far away as is customary this time of year. On the ride home this afternoon, I stopped at an abandoned erstwhile office park-to-be, and changed from my jeans and t-Shirt, with trustee Adidas t6 Nights, and stripped down and changed into ribbed black tights, Guess Jeans miniskirt, black motorcycle high heel (3 1/2″) heel boots, black 40D bra with forms, my wig, my Jones New York sunglasses ($16 Marshall’s) a black camisole top, and no makeup. I have taken, when possible, as a closeted CD, to trying to think ahead and pack the necessaries for an out adventure before I leave so I have the option to dress out in a different place if I feel comfortable enough to do it. OMG it is so nice and natural to be able to get in the car and drive dressed en femme, and it made me feel good and relaxed.

I am working on my makeup again this evening, I washed my face and had a very close shave, and I found a neat trick with my eyebrows that makes me more passable as a dark brunette. It involves drawing a dark brown eyebrow line high on my existing browline (near the top) to draw the viewer’s eye up. For some reason this creates a more feminine faceline and narrows the focus of the viewer. Good for me, anyway!

Merry Christmas, everyone –

Kisses! KM


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